Photographing your life with the next generation in mind.

Adorn the walls of your home with moments that make you smile, leather and linen books containing some of life's most precious events on a coffee table.  Ten, fifty and eighty years from now what life moments will you be sharing with your loved ones?  What photographs will you pass on?

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

The Heirloom Wedding Experience

The Heirloom Wedding process begins when a bride or groom fills out the form below.  If your date is available we will setup a time to meet and get to know each other!  If we hit it off, I send each couple a custom proposal where you can review the details and make a deposit to save the date!  Once we have a firm date for the big day we do an engagement session! 

The Engagement Session

Every wedding includes an engagement session.  Besides providing you with beautiful photographs to announce your engagement this is an opportunity to continue to get to know each other and prepare you with posing basics for the wedding day!  We will discuss professional tips to give you intimate and emotionally charged images.  Following the engagement session we will have a review and order meeting where you can handpick which images you want to take home.  We might put together a linen covered book or a rich deep matte print of your favorite image in a custom frame for guests to sign at your wedding!  You'll also receive a digital copy of your images to share online!  We conclude the meeting with your wedding day timeline.  This helps couples know what to expect and create a timeline which allows for beautiful heirloom images! 

The Wedding Day

Once the wedding day arrives, everything will be set in place for a fun and memorable event!  We believe the story told isn't just in the big events but in the small details and moments found throughout the day.  Allowing for getting ready images all the way through send-off provides us with a window to capture the complete story.  Details that might easily get lost are captured and curated to be experienced years later!

Wedding Reveal!

Following your wedding we will host a review and order meeting.  Invite your parents, grandparents and close friends to relive your wedding day all over again!  While enjoying delicious food and drink, we will showcase the images from the entire day! After, pull up your favorite images then view, touch and feel the product samples before placing an order!  We will also take the opportunity to review your wedding album! (A wedding album is always included in our heirloom wedding experience)!

A Passion for Prints

It happened to us.  The year after our wedding, my husband lost his great-grandmother at 104 years old.  Saddened by the loss, however, we felt blessed that she was able to be part of our wedding that lovely September day.  We had so many great memories from that day, but more importantly images were captured throughout the course of our wedding of us and our loved ones, including Great-Grandma Cora.  Years from now, we will share those photographs, printed professionally on 200 year heirloom materials, to our daughter Cora, and tell her all about the light hearted, witty woman, adored by all that she was named after.  The images captured digitally are safely kept hidden away however an image doesn't become a photograph to be shared until it is printed, this is why we have developed a passion for prints.


Heirloom lifestyle EXPERIENCE

Interested in learning more?  Begin with the questionnaire below. After deciding on dates that work for the consultation and portrait session I will email you a contract and invoice. Upon receiving the invoice paid in full, I will reserve the dates!

In home consultation

I will come to your home and talk through a look/style! We discuss clothes as well as location and props to make sure everything comes together as envisioned.  I also use this opportunity to get a feel for areas of your home where you would like to display photographs from the session.  From this, we can begin to think through what would look best in those spaces!

The Session

Next we will meet for the portrait session! Plan on the session lasting one to two hours with breaks as needed for children as well as outfit or location change. (I have no limit on location or outfit changes as long as everything fits within the one to two hour window which we will discuss and plan at the consultation).  Usually we are outside, but in case of rain etc. we can reschedule or move to an indoor location, this decision is made by the client and photographer together.

The big reveal!

The review and order meeting will take place two to three weeks after the portrait session. During this meeting, we will review the edited images (typically 25). You will also receive a digital copy of the social size of the images via an online gallery. These are yours to share and post! We will then order prints, art, wallets, etc. to be delivered to your home!  There are a lot of unique options such as fine art wood prints, metal and acrylic prints, heirloom albums and books as well as ready-to-install collage walls, which we would be happy to assist you with!

No loose ends

We provide a full service design and order process.  We don't want to leave you with more work!  If all we provided you with was digital images then you would still have the task of deciding on which images to use to tell a story or properly accent a space, the appropriate size and what paper type or substrate to use.  Our mission isn't to just capture beautiful memories in a digital file but to provide you with photographs and heirloom pieces so you can relive those moments and share them with others for years to come!

Begin the A. Younkin Photography experience by filling out the form below!